Oehler’s Mallard Creek BBQ-Charlotte Photographer

Last December I photographed a company Christmas party for Ross and Witmer at Oehler’s BBQ. Its right down the street from my house but I had never been there before. Its not open to the public and only open for private events. This place is incredible!  It feels like you are going back in time. There is a barn, pond, animals, and a chapel. Here are some photos.

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I took the Ancestry DNA test-Here are the results

Ancestry DNA, 23 and me. These DNA tests have always called my name. I have a Cuban mother and a German/Dutch/Irish father. Unusual for sure. And this past fall, I finally did it. I sent Ancestry DNA $89 and tried to keep my patience in check. Once I paid, I was really excited! Here is how it came:













































In case you are wondering, its not a hair test. They use saliva. It feels weird to spit in a test tube but its totally worth it. So off it goes back to Ancestry DNA and the wait begins. The website says it can take up to 8 weeks to get the results back.  3 weeks later, I received my email. Most of it I was expecting but there were a few surprises! Here is the boring stuff:














And here is the surprising stuff!

3% North African

1% Senegal  (a small country on the western part of North Africa)

4% Native American

2% Middle Eastern (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria). Wow…amazing.














Native American? African American? Middle Eastern? Wait…what? The percentages are small but I was absolutely blown away and I loved it! Like I said, I am half Cuban.  Apparently, there isnt a link back to Cuba itself. So I am thinking that since Cuba is an island, every Cuban has ancestry roots from somewhere else. Im guessing that is where the Native American, African and Middle Eastern comes into play. I also remember my grandmother telling me that she believes our ancestors came to Cuba from Italy (a long, long time ago). So that might explain the Italy as well as Iberian Peninsula (Spain/Portugal) percentages.


Along with your percentage results, they also give you tons of information about each region. So if you are a history buff, this will be right up your alley. Here is an example of the Iberian Peninsula:

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If you have been thinking of doing this, do it! You might be surprised at what shows up.

Ancestry DNA

23 and Me





The Fig Tree-Charlotte Restaurant Photographer

Check out Chef Greg and the Fig Tree Restuarant!

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Charlotte Womens March 2017-Charlotte Photographer

I love to capture what is going on in this city! I shot the DNC a few years ago, the recent protests/riots and just last weekend, the womens march. It was a peaceful event and the crowds were huge!


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Duckworth’s-Charlotte Restaurant Photographer

I did a photoshoot for Duckworth’s a couple of weeks ago. Great restaurant, if you have never been, check it out!


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Charlotte Food and Wine Festival-Charlotte Photographer

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More from the Wooden Vine-Charlotte Food Photographer

More pictures from the Wooden Vine in Uptown. Check them out!

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