Oehler’s Mallard Creek BBQ-Charlotte Photographer

Last December I photographed a company Christmas party for Ross and Witmer at Oehler’s BBQ. Its right down the street from my house but I had never been there before. Its not open to the public and only open for private events. This place is incredible!  It feels like you are going back in time. There is a barn, pond, animals, and a chapel. Here are some photos.

_mg_0002_mg_0001_mg_0005 _mg_0007 _mg_0011 _mg_0013 _mg_0019 _mg_0022 _mg_0023 _mg_0036 _mg_0040 _mg_0043 _mg_0046 _mg_0049 _mg_0051 _mg_0061 _mg_0083 _mg_0091 _mg_0092 _mg_0094 _mg_0095 _mg_0096 _mg_0097 _mg_0098 _mg_0100 _mg_0135 _mg_0138 _mg_0209 _mg_0210 _mg_0211


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